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Company Registration 🔐

Registration of a company is necessary for absolutely every project that has passed from the stage of idea to implementation. One of the options for the development of the project is listing on stock exchanges. This implies that the project has a Legal Opinion and a registered company. The choice of jurisdiction and the official set of documents is a strategically important decision. Work with assets and taxes must be built in advance, without violating legislation and international law. The Soken team is ready to assist your project at different stages of development to provide the necessary conditions for growth.

Legal Opinion 👨‍⚖️

Legal Opinion is a document drawn up by lawyers depending on the requirements of the residence. Used on most major exchanges for listing. The document is issued only to officially registered companies.

Website / ICO Terms & Conditions 📄

This document regulates the legal interaction between the owner of the website and the visitors/users, copyright protection, intellectual property, behavior, rights, third party links, and services, etc. This is the agreement that establishes the rules and restrictions that users must accept and adhere to in order to use and access your website or mobile app.

ICO Terms & Conditions regulates the public pre-sale of tokens to be conducted on your website. 

Privacy Policy GDPR and CCPA compliant 📃

This document regulates the protection and security procedures of personal data collected by you all across the globe, by complying with the GDPR, CCPA, and PDPB regulations. 

AML/KYC Procedure 🔍

This document regulates your compliance with know your client and anti-money-laundering obligations, rendering your business more credible and safer.

Whitepaper Review ✅

We will conduct analysis of your Whitepaper from a legal perspective and provide you with feedback on what to change and what to add in order for it to be accepted by exchanges. 

Token Sale / Vesting / NDA / NCA Agreements📜

Token Sale Agreement regulates the private sale of tokens for certain big privileged investors in your project. This paper contains preferable prices, discounts, etc.

Vesting Agreement regulates the blocking of the vested tokens and describes the vesting schedule so that you can prove to investors that the project is serious, and not a pump-and-dump.

NDA/NCA Agreement regulates the confidentiality and the non-competition obligations that your company requires from persons who come into contact with the project and get confidential information. Such persons may be developers, advisors, promoters, etc.

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