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Centralized Exchanges Listing Service 📢

The majority of Web3 projects strive to expand their community and attract as many investors. This is completely feasible with our Listing Services. Soken is known for its numerous partnerships with various Centralized Exchanges. We will not only assist you with the whole process but will also bring you the quickest and most affordable solutions.

Why choose Soken❓

1. Priority Listing

Usually, it takes a lot of time for the centralized exchange to respond and approve the individual projects for listing. You can easily benefit from our partnerships with various exchanges and reduce the time of this procedure significantly.

2. Cheaper 💰

Soken Listing team will provide you even more affordable listing fee than official!

3. Security Audit & Legal Opinion included 📨

We will not only assist you in getting listed, but also will help you comply with all exchanges’ requirements. Soken is primarily a Web3 Security and Legal Products provider, so we will prepare all the needed documentation.

4. Higher chances of getting approved

Soken has an incredible reputation and credibility built by working with decentralized security and legal solutions for a long time. We are trusted by exchanges, moreover, we have official partnerships with the head management of many CEXes. So, your chances of getting approved for listing are much higher with us.

5. Additional services for free 💡

Projects get all additional trading pairs for free on exchanges, free fee trading accounts, the free listing announcement on the main page of exchange and banner, direct connection with the head management of exchanges.

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