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Standard Smart Contract Audit

Standard Security Smart Contract Audit is the check for the operability of smart contract, smart contract overview, testing for common vulnerabilities in the code or any part of contract operation. This type of audit would be a perfect match for projects in the early stages. This type of audit includes only automated testing using various types of professional tools such as Mythril, Oyente, Manticore, Solgraph, and Slither. Standard Audit does not include manual testing, unit testing, and deep project analysis. 

Comprehensive Smart Contract audit


Comprehensive Smart Contract Security Audit is detailed testing for bugs and errors, weaknesses, and flaws in the contract code. This type of audit includes a complete functions overview and a detailed description of vulnerabilities with the team’s recommendations. This type of audit includes testing using various types of professional tools such as Mythril, Oyente, Manticore, Solgraph, and Slither, manual analysis, unit testing, and basic project analysis.  

Anti-Fraud Certification

Anti-Fraud Certification is an addition to the comprehensive audit. Here, we are checking for the migrator, drain, or backdoor in the source code of the smart contract. Anti-Fraud certification also includes liquidity analysis, the project’s website testing, verification of the personal socials of the team, and the founder’s ID. Will be delivered as 2 separate files: Anti-Fraud Comprehensive Security Audit and Anti-Fraud Certificate. 



Our KYC / DOXX service is innovative AI-powered automated identity testing with face-scanning technology that will help your project build trust among users community and business partners. You will not only receive a high-quality product but also will have a clear and easy user journey with your country’s language support. Your personal data will be stored under multi-layer protection vault and will remain private unless any fraudulent activity will be noticed from the project’s side.

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